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Once you're up and running there is nothing worse after all that effort, than to have no-one come and see what you've done, or enjoy the great products you have to offer them.

Marketing your services is a key element to any business and one that can't go ignored. We can help get you started by creating your marketing strategy and plan, both quarterly and annually, show you how to effectively market, help you approach and build partnerships with key businesses, create your online online life through social networks, building followers and even look at targeting specific audiences. Creating promotional materials and complete email campaigns to compliment marketing activity, catching attention from all angles.

We can also set-up online shops for a total online sales platform, provide staff for event support and presentations, as well as organise partnerships and collaborations that suit your needs, and speak to your targeted market.



choose from social networking to complete campaign strategies




social network setup

email marketing


basic SEO


socialise plus:

market analysis

promotional material design

social media campaigns

promotional photography

commerce set-up


package plus:

competitor analysis

marketing strategy & plan

presentation delivery

event planning & execution

partnerships & collaborations