Baku Guards

Brief: To create a premium brand for a new Polo team

With the elite nature of the sport in mind, we created emblems and iconography inspired by the origins of Polo and the Fire temples of Baku, the brand's home. This narrative that Baku played a part in the origins of the first recorded games of polo, formed the basis of the brand design and values, and fits neatly into the high-end market and its fellow competitors.

Shield banner-01.jpg

Project: Website & Online Presence

Creating a complimentary mix between the teams' traditional origins twinned with a fresh attitude to modern day Polo, we sought to give the polo club a unique and outstanding online presence, which hasn't before been prevalent in the world of Polo.

The brand website features a strong minimal design, touched with gold and an emphasis on the iconography.

Their social channels also play a big part in giving both fans of the sport and equestrianism alike, an insight into the day to day activities of the team and stables.

Project: Brand Photography

Photograph the general activities, events and games of the team and stables.